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Prior to 1999, WSL is a leading player in IT application for Sports IT Management, LED Scoreboard, LED Perimeter Board, GIS (Geographical Info System) and Information Display System. Our core products are: Multimedia Sports Management System Software (MS2) and LED Display Board. WSL MSC was setup after the award of the MSC status by the Multimedia Development Corporation (MDC).

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MS2 - Multimedia Sports Management System

A complete integrated sports management software. The system is both web and none web based. A fully integrated MS2 system consists of 21 Logistic modules, four web sites, individual sports modules, broadcast and interfacing modules for third party hardware.

MS2 can be deployed in a Local Area Network in a single building or in a Wide Area Network that spans a few buildings, or in a metropolitan network that span the entire city. A centralized server is utilised to control and operate the entire system. MS2 is fully customisable to each event. The system is developed in house by WSL using Microsoft. Net platform.

MS2 - Broadcast

MS2 Broadcast is an on-line and real time information and equipment interfacing system. The Retrieve Information System from various sources such as website, scoreboard, database, data entry, propriety system, then interface with animated graphical templates and is made available for broadcast to the TV broadcast system.

The templates are each customised and stored in the WSL template library. Our library consists of templates of many categories and sub categories. For MS2 Broadcast project, WSL forms a technical partnership with Q-Plex Communication Sdn Bhd.


WSL Boards are large LED electronic display boards. Each WSL Board is customised according to size, resolutions, width and length, character size and quantity, and colour, combinations of two colours or full colour. Our product consists of both scoreboard hardware and software.

WSL MSC has a long term partnership with Kindwin Co. Ltd (HK) for scoreboard projects around the world. The list of our MS2board are: Video Matrix Dual Colours, Video Matrix Tri Colours, Matrix Single Colour, Signage Displayboard, Video Matrix Full Colour WSL, Perimeter LED Display Board.

Perimeter LED Display Board

LED Perimeter Display systems have been in operation in the European football arena since 1998. The technology has become more widespread over the past four years. More and more sport stadiums are looking to use LED technology to improve image quality during broadcast and to offer high-quality advertising and branding packages.

LED Display boards spontaneous recall are almost as effective as TV commercial sport. LED Display boards are few times more effective than rotating system. Animation, video, dynamic messages and single brand visibility drive LED effectiveness.

Event Management System

EMS is WSL’s latest in house developed product. EMS will be modular based where a collection of individual module forms EMS. Each individual module will serve different objectives to the user and is customisable to the type of events. EMS will be developed as a total event management system where it supports all sorts of events. In addition, the system will also support pre-customised events such as Sports, Concerts, Conferences, Seminars and Exhibitions. Pre-customised events module will be specially customised to suit the event type.

EMS will have features for participant registration, ticketing, accommodation and transport arrangements. EMS will also include organiser management tools such as inventory, budget, human resources and schedules. As EMS is web based, the system will also be developed with website templates for the client to post information on the event.

WSL Wireless

WSL WIRELESS is a complete system for wireless networking solution. It provides both short & long distance connectivity using the most reliable and top of the range products.

WSL WIRELESS broadband wireless routers offer unsurpassed reliability and flexibility to design, build, and manage fixed BWA networks. Universal platform for network expansion and growth.

IT Solution & Consulting

WSL provides consulting services to clients of selected industry with regards to IT solutions. The industries WSL specialise in are Sports, Government Agency, Broadcast and Media, Transport and Event Management. We also give advice on LAN or website setup, deployment of system, migration of legacy system and consolidating of existing to the new system or the introduction of a wholly new technology.

FIDS Display

WSL Display is a display system suitable for indoor information display. The system can be deployed at multiple locations in a building and the displayed information can be customised according to customer requirements. WSL Display supports Text, Image, Video and Audio output in a dynamic state. To enhance the quality and capability of our product, WSL has developed core WSL Display products as below.

MS2 Display can be further categoried into: Flight Info Display System (FIDS), Check-In Info Display System (CIDS), Gate Info Display System (GIDS), Baggage Info Display System (BIDS), Public Info Display System (PIDS), Hotel Info Display System (HIDS), Multimedia Interactive Kiosks (MIK)


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